Friday, January 16, 2015

AZIMH'S ENTERPRISE KUCHING " SUPPLY & DISTRIBUTE BOOKS (Textbooks& Reading), Teaching Aids, Furniture, Stationary Products & Printing Division


Assalamualaikum W.B.T to all ,

After a long years, not so long but I finally revealed myself again,  Yes I'm a married woman now, has no children yet In sha Allah coming soon I guess. Yes, I will shared some of journey back in 2011 and current, I've no intention to runaway from my blogging zone, as I'm too lazy too update. So here's a small introduction about my new career.   (It's a Family Business) 


F22, Plaza Astana , Lot 197,
Blok 18, Jalan Astana, Petra Jaya
93050 Kuching, Sarawak 
Email :
Tel / Fax :+60 82 44 8753


These are some information about our COMPANY PRODUCTS & SERVICES : AZIMH’S Enterprise was registered on the 15th July 2013. Holding a Bumiputera status entity, this company started its operation on the 1st August 2013 at F22, Tingkat 1 Plaza Astana 93050 Petra Jaya Kuching. The founder of the company has a wide experience in the distribution network that is on quality textbooks teaching aids, various office consumables and stationery.

 • Books (Textbooks and revision books as well as fiction, non-fiction and general interest books in         Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese and Iban languages)
 o Hard Cover Books
 o Soft Cover Books 
 o Pen Carbon Books
 o Exam Pads & Books
 • Teaching Aids
 • Magazine and Papers 
 • Stationary Products 
o Arts & Crafts 
o Educational Aids
o Office Sundries 
o Writing Instruments
• Top brands office furniture and office supplies.

OUR SERVICE: Printing Division 
• Invoices Books 
• Diaries
• Business Cards 
• Letterheads 
• Flyers 
• School Registers 
• Name Tags 
• Posters 
• Banners Distribution Division
• Textbooks and revision books.
• School Stationery – e.g. Exercise books, Pens, Pencils, Rulers, Glue sticks, Crayons, Paints, Chalks etc. 
• General Stationery – e.g. Photocopy Paper, Files, Fax Rolls, Flipcharts and Stands etc.
• Computer Consumables – e.g. Toner and Cartridge to all makes of printers. Toners to all makes of copier etc. 
• Computers - We also supply all makes of Desktops/Laptops, Hard Drives and printers. 
• Cleaning Material – e.g. Brushes, Brooms, Floor Polish, Soap, Detergents etc. 

 If you need anything/ questions regarding our products/services, Please don't hesitate to call/email us.

+6 019 439 7153

+6 010 963 4980

THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Have a great Day :) 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Diary of mine..

Credits to Ms. Chu MajorFlava

Dear diary,

08/08/12 - 10:56 am - Wednesday

It's an awful day for me. Flu + dizzy + fever its a no no no for me. Well I should go to work today, but i decided not to , bcos I look pretty awful actually. I've been thinking a lot about Love lately. I'm willing to go through those hard life , which some people knew what I mean . I guess. I'm not going to waste my time on some negativity thoughts or think again. Will give myself some 100 chance again I guess, I know it sound unbelievable that I'm going to give a chance to my love life. It's hard but I'm a person who always keep on trying and be patient with it. HE knows the best. I will always pray that HE will show me the way, the truth, an honest relationship, something that will open our eyes & think about it so deeply. It's hard because people surrounding me always talk and listen our hardness love life and when It comes to the reality that by giving a chance is something that they can't accept & they know it's my life & it's my decision.  I've been thinking about this lately and its so hard for me. People will not understand better than our self. We know what is best for our self, right? If somethings is not right, HE will lead and show us the way. I trust HIM, there's nothing to afraid of anymore. And I'm ready for whatever will happens, but I'm not going to wish for that will happen. :) . I know, at first I know what came into my head and  some people knew about it especially my close friends. Now, I know it sounds crazy and pretty bored to hear it but let me do this until I'm bored. Until i knock my own head to make me realize.

Now, It's a new chapter and will always try and trust and to be honest and responsible. As for the ceremony that been held on 11.11.11 was a true promise that we will stay together until the next level. It's not only an ordinary promises but it is something that I will never forget and it's a true relationship. And that makes both family has this strong bond of relationship that we will never forget.  I want to cherish my life full of joyfulness and happiness and love with my love one, family and friends. Things which is hard to forget just like that.  Life has thought me too many things such as how to be patient, how to be responsible, how to make our self to be happy and so many things. Engagement life , how i want to start with it .You have to be patient a lot.  That's all I can say. What I can say to myself and what other people told me is.. to be patient and trust.I don't know whats pop into my head, a woman instinct sometimes is always right. But, Now i choose to stay and be patient. If he loves me & choose me to be the love of his life, he will always stay honest , responsible, understanding, caring, & loving. if he choose back way around. Then you all know what is the answer.  

P/s:  It is so much easier if I could have a normal life. &  I love You and I always will. Cherish every moment that we had.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


1. If u wan to be happy, stop ruin other people' happiness. 

ex: he / she is still with the person that he/she love but you choose to interfere their relation bcos of ur selfishness for sure that things will come back to u.. more worse than you thought.

If u choose to be honest in ur relationship, try to be more patient, trustworthy, more responsible & understanding.

ex: If he / she is trying to tell u sumthing.keep on listening and try to understand or read the message properly. don just jump to conclusion without investigate for what had happened. (with a soft voice) thats more proper i guess..

3. If u choose to be love more & more everyday, try to communicate well with ur partner. That will solve ur problem .InsyaAllah.

4. If the person that you love is still in love with sumone else & still in a relationship, It is much easier if u just let go & respect their relationship if u want to be respect by other people. 

.The more people see us live happily ever after, the more they keep on bothering us and envy as well.

 If we're in a relationship, engage & married, there are some people out there choose to ruin other people's happiness.

.2nd chance is a learning process how we going to improve our self now and in the future.

Salam & morning from Coeqdebuglady :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Fasting to all Muslim in the whole wide world :)

Assalamulaikum w.b.t, 

First of all I would like to say sorry that i've not updated my blog for a very long time. I've to do so many things fr these past few months . So today  i would like to take a chance to wish all muslim in the whole world . Happy fasting .. How was ur day so far? ..  Craving for so many things? 
 Well the day before fasting there's a lot of things happened nor bad or good :) but I just took it as a positive things.

How was my ....


* Thesis
- i manage to get B for my thesis . well i've done my very best to do it . but I'm so happy & Lucky, that  i'm not failed .
Yeay . Thank you so much and a lot to my FAMILY, FRIENDS, and not to forget FEB & FSKTM  lecturers in UNIMAS who gave me fully support on my exams , thesis and My intern as well.. Love you all so much <3

*My exam 
- wow, it was tough .But, I knew i can make it! ... Alhamdulilalah the result was not so bad at all :) o  I'm proud of myself.. ahahah

- owhh wow, a lot of dramatic things happend.. well i know, well friends its about time to go with the flow. I cant really you know.. well .. lets go to the next part .. 

                                                        Went for a  Sarawak Cruise with Fiancee

*Having fun with LE SHASTA FEMELLE GENG !!!

You can preview all the picture in my friends blog / Our Fb 


* Internship
- it was good  I have fun ... Thanks to all stuff and my supervisor as well ...
- ive meet a lot of people ..


Thursday, May 10, 2012


Wow its been 2 weeks i din post anything .. sorry guys/girls heheh ive been busy with my assignment, my project and etc .. Yes, have no time at all.. although im in front of my lappy at all the time but i dun have time on this.. so here i wana to share with u'all that ive been doing my final year project which my topic relate with this place.  BAKO NATIONAL PARK, SARAWAK , MALAYSIA ...have you heard it before.. ?? no yess noo?? hehhe .. this is my very first time visited this place.. I was so excited.  I went there with my fiancee and my friends. the place was awsome!! if u plan to spend a night or 2  just for jungle trekking, wildlife watching or swimming??.. yes the place you should go for.. I force one of my friend to go , at first she admit that she doesnt want to go ..and so,we had to come with the idea lied to her. heheh by saying " its only a day trip" !! haha but once we got there.. we said that we goin to stay here.. hahah .so at last that she had to! because the only transportation to go there is by boat!. so.. yeahh , .SO she finally made her decision .. "Erghhhh , okay we goin to stay here... because when i look at the beach , OMG it is so beautiful ! that is the only reason why she wanna to stay there.. So guys.. please try this at your friend who doesnt one to stay there ..!! ahahah .. so the important thing to bring is .
. * Money of course at least RM 150 * 
*Canned food*
*Sun - block 130 ++ SPF *
* Sun glasses*
*swim wear*
* other important stuff*

so will share some pictures with you all .. enjoy !!

*other pictures i will upload it later <3 * muahxs...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank You All 4da birthday wishes..Happy birthday to my Dear Sister & Me ..

My dear sister 21st April  & Me 23rd April ...

Age? Me?  25 this year ..Im still young yeayy ..!! forever young of course hahha .. First of all  I would like to Wish HAppy birthday to my dear beloved sister ..May Allah Bless you always .. Amin. And we Love you always ..including hermes handbags.. hahaha ..I did gve you a birthday present last few weeks.. Remember the Lamb parteyyy haha ..Haha Its for you .. Its ur birthday gift from me to you :) ... 

Thank you all for the birthday wishes...xoxo  *huggs*

Happy birthday song to me & my sister .. not to forget my cousin Mahadzir as well..

Happy Birthday Miza  ur 31 yrs old this year:) Love Coeq

My Birthday Celebration  & Gift 2010 with my dear fiancee at Damai Beach Resort

My Birthday Gift for 2011 awww .. so sweet !
Title: Nur Iqma Birthday 2011 my sayang 

This year 2012: My first Surprise birthday celebration with friends and family at home ..

Mummy Busy with my befday celebration !! Thank you Mummy .. 

Mummy, Min, Sayang & Friends busy with birthday celebration .. 

Autograph from my beloved friends and family :) 

P/S :  to all my friends who involved in this plan , with all the hardwork, timing, planning, preparing and everything .. thank you so so so much .. I love you all so so so much .. this is my first suprise birthday celebration after 25 years .. im so happy .. thank you sayang who's planned all this just for me.. thank you to my mum who was very sporting just now !! hahah .. and .. to sayang azlandy ,..thank u for everything..not to forget min, shie, meera, anne, farhan & izri ... love u all always ..  Thank u Tyco Stylo .. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Cakes , Cupcakes , Shepherd Pie ..Anyone?

Happy Friday all .. TGIF isnt it??... 

Shepherd Pie? yeah people keep asking me about the recipe?.. hermm .. I wanna share but sooner im goin to sell this., My fren really love this especially fr those who came for my engagement ceremony .Yes i did served this, and "tringg a few minutes later it was empty .. ahhaha ..its so fast ,pretty hungry that night... so its kinda a Secret recipe for me.. There's a lot more Shepard pie  recipe out there from there u can modified it . The importang thing is the Taste ... the first person who introduce this is my sister Miza, she love to cook so do I . but we seldom cook together as we both not in the same house. :). So i decided to modify it a lil so unbelievable the taste was WOW hahah!! okay ..and i said to myself wow, i really am good at it. Bakat terpendam .hahaha ..BUT I'M SUCK AT BAKING HONESTLY!! DON ASK ME TO BAKE 

The result of my Shepherd pie .. Yeay ! 

..but if u asked me : the person i would recommend to bake  cakes are : . Is my dearest lovely fren Sheilla.. She owned a Layer Cake House ( Sheila & her amazing Kek Lapis Cadbury) but more to CADBURY LAYER CAKE. U should buy and try those cakes. For those who want to order these cakes .. can give me a call and will help you to order it ..

THIS IS HOW IT LOOKS LIKE  .. the result .. its so neat .. :) 100 % cadbury ! 

There's two more, I would like to introduce you Food4Fun by my Dearest Diyana & her Sister, both them are very creative and very passionate at baking. I just love it!  For those who lives in Bintulu, Miri or Brunei interested to buy and taste their cakes, you also can search for this page Food 4Fun  : Check This out ya!

Look at this ! Should buy it!
Dear fren and family  you all should try this!


Another person is Zulfa , yes i uploaded so many pictures about her cupcakes because it taste really - really damn good! compared to Apetite and Lovely Dovey and Hilton as well.. Its true .. Because I love cuppies so much... Not only that I love to taste a new food or cakes ..Its a gen :) hahah .. so I should start  Put it in here the link and the pic as well : Our origin cuppies maker from KUCHING .. YEAY!

Crazy cupcakes! nyaman gilak :)

P/s :  don't forget to introduce it to

                  ur friend and family yeah !