Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Diary of mine..

Credits to Ms. Chu MajorFlava

Dear diary,

08/08/12 - 10:56 am - Wednesday

It's an awful day for me. Flu + dizzy + fever its a no no no for me. Well I should go to work today, but i decided not to , bcos I look pretty awful actually. I've been thinking a lot about Love lately. I'm willing to go through those hard life , which some people knew what I mean . I guess. I'm not going to waste my time on some negativity thoughts or think again. Will give myself some 100 chance again I guess, I know it sound unbelievable that I'm going to give a chance to my love life. It's hard but I'm a person who always keep on trying and be patient with it. HE knows the best. I will always pray that HE will show me the way, the truth, an honest relationship, something that will open our eyes & think about it so deeply. It's hard because people surrounding me always talk and listen our hardness love life and when It comes to the reality that by giving a chance is something that they can't accept & they know it's my life & it's my decision.  I've been thinking about this lately and its so hard for me. People will not understand better than our self. We know what is best for our self, right? If somethings is not right, HE will lead and show us the way. I trust HIM, there's nothing to afraid of anymore. And I'm ready for whatever will happens, but I'm not going to wish for that will happen. :) . I know, at first I know what came into my head and  some people knew about it especially my close friends. Now, I know it sounds crazy and pretty bored to hear it but let me do this until I'm bored. Until i knock my own head to make me realize.

Now, It's a new chapter and will always try and trust and to be honest and responsible. As for the ceremony that been held on 11.11.11 was a true promise that we will stay together until the next level. It's not only an ordinary promises but it is something that I will never forget and it's a true relationship. And that makes both family has this strong bond of relationship that we will never forget.  I want to cherish my life full of joyfulness and happiness and love with my love one, family and friends. Things which is hard to forget just like that.  Life has thought me too many things such as how to be patient, how to be responsible, how to make our self to be happy and so many things. Engagement life , how i want to start with it .You have to be patient a lot.  That's all I can say. What I can say to myself and what other people told me is.. to be patient and trust.I don't know whats pop into my head, a woman instinct sometimes is always right. But, Now i choose to stay and be patient. If he loves me & choose me to be the love of his life, he will always stay honest , responsible, understanding, caring, & loving. if he choose back way around. Then you all know what is the answer.  

P/s:  It is so much easier if I could have a normal life. &  I love You and I always will. Cherish every moment that we had.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


1. If u wan to be happy, stop ruin other people' happiness. 

ex: he / she is still with the person that he/she love but you choose to interfere their relation bcos of ur selfishness for sure that things will come back to u.. more worse than you thought.

If u choose to be honest in ur relationship, try to be more patient, trustworthy, more responsible & understanding.

ex: If he / she is trying to tell u sumthing.keep on listening and try to understand or read the message properly. don just jump to conclusion without investigate for what had happened. (with a soft voice) thats more proper i guess..

3. If u choose to be love more & more everyday, try to communicate well with ur partner. That will solve ur problem .InsyaAllah.

4. If the person that you love is still in love with sumone else & still in a relationship, It is much easier if u just let go & respect their relationship if u want to be respect by other people. 

.The more people see us live happily ever after, the more they keep on bothering us and envy as well.

 If we're in a relationship, engage & married, there are some people out there choose to ruin other people's happiness.

.2nd chance is a learning process how we going to improve our self now and in the future.

Salam & morning from Coeqdebuglady :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Fasting to all Muslim in the whole wide world :)

Assalamulaikum w.b.t, 

First of all I would like to say sorry that i've not updated my blog for a very long time. I've to do so many things fr these past few months . So today  i would like to take a chance to wish all muslim in the whole world . Happy fasting .. How was ur day so far? ..  Craving for so many things? 
 Well the day before fasting there's a lot of things happened nor bad or good :) but I just took it as a positive things.

How was my ....


* Thesis
- i manage to get B for my thesis . well i've done my very best to do it . but I'm so happy & Lucky, that  i'm not failed .
Yeay . Thank you so much and a lot to my FAMILY, FRIENDS, and not to forget FEB & FSKTM  lecturers in UNIMAS who gave me fully support on my exams , thesis and My intern as well.. Love you all so much <3

*My exam 
- wow, it was tough .But, I knew i can make it! ... Alhamdulilalah the result was not so bad at all :) o  I'm proud of myself.. ahahah

- owhh wow, a lot of dramatic things happend.. well i know, well friends its about time to go with the flow. I cant really you know.. well .. lets go to the next part .. 

                                                        Went for a  Sarawak Cruise with Fiancee

*Having fun with LE SHASTA FEMELLE GENG !!!

You can preview all the picture in my friends blog / Our Fb 


* Internship
- it was good  I have fun ... Thanks to all stuff and my supervisor as well ...
- ive meet a lot of people ..


Friday, April 20, 2012

Cakes , Cupcakes , Shepherd Pie ..Anyone?

Happy Friday all .. TGIF isnt it??... 

Shepherd Pie? yeah people keep asking me about the recipe?.. hermm .. I wanna share but sooner im goin to sell this., My fren really love this especially fr those who came for my engagement ceremony .Yes i did served this, and "tringg a few minutes later it was empty .. ahhaha ..its so fast ,pretty hungry that night... so its kinda a Secret recipe for me.. There's a lot more Shepard pie  recipe out there from there u can modified it . The importang thing is the Taste ... the first person who introduce this is my sister Miza, she love to cook so do I . but we seldom cook together as we both not in the same house. :). So i decided to modify it a lil so unbelievable the taste was WOW hahah!! okay ..and i said to myself wow, i really am good at it. Bakat terpendam .hahaha ..BUT I'M SUCK AT BAKING HONESTLY!! DON ASK ME TO BAKE 

The result of my Shepherd pie .. Yeay ! 

..but if u asked me : the person i would recommend to bake  cakes are : . Is my dearest lovely fren Sheilla.. She owned a Layer Cake House ( Sheila & her amazing Kek Lapis Cadbury) but more to CADBURY LAYER CAKE. U should buy and try those cakes. For those who want to order these cakes .. can give me a call and will help you to order it ..

THIS IS HOW IT LOOKS LIKE  .. the result .. its so neat .. :) 100 % cadbury ! 

There's two more, I would like to introduce you Food4Fun by my Dearest Diyana & her Sister, both them are very creative and very passionate at baking. I just love it!  For those who lives in Bintulu, Miri or Brunei interested to buy and taste their cakes, you also can search for this page Food 4Fun  : Check This out ya!

Look at this ! Should buy it!
Dear fren and family  you all should try this!


Another person is Zulfa , yes i uploaded so many pictures about her cupcakes because it taste really - really damn good! compared to Apetite and Lovely Dovey and Hilton as well.. Its true .. Because I love cuppies so much... Not only that I love to taste a new food or cakes ..Its a gen :) hahah .. so I should start  Put it in here the link and the pic as well : Our origin cuppies maker from KUCHING .. YEAY!

Crazy cupcakes! nyaman gilak :)

P/s :  don't forget to introduce it to

                  ur friend and family yeah !

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hot topic of the day : Teman tapi mesra" IN OUR CLASS"..gotcha!! heheh Jgn marah yer!

 Seperti biasa, hari khamis kelas pukul 8am .. kelas Promotion gitu  heheh .. waktu break time "kmk" sempat ambik gambar.  Geng-geng keras didalam kelas.. heheh .. very the sporting and very the cool yaar... seems like it will be my last class with my classmates.. Have fun mena2 tok .. hermm :( sedihnyaaa...InsyaAllah will grade on time "amin".. bila kita akan berjumpa lagi yer ???... and berbalik kepada topik kita ..Ada" teman tapi mesra" di dlm kelas wooo ..diam diam gitew hahahha .. bagaikan pinang dibelah dua.. Dear, our new hot celebrities in class..don't get angry yaaa ..yeehaa.. i captured some pictures wooo as an evidence.. ohohohoho .. 

My beloved hotties frenggg RYN,FARHAN and NANA sekdaa.... Serious na muka ya..

Tania, shoppinng and wan jun ...
Jgn hairan her name memang shopping yer.. soon ure goin to open up ur own Shopping mall aa ..souk ping heheh.... Wah so happy ooooo "ngee "

Yes this is our new celebrities in class. "Teman tapi mesraa eheheh" .. so cute la u guys ..bila mau engage?? ..hahha GUESS WHO?!

P/s : a very lonely thursday .. <3

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

...... Cloudy or Sunny .......

Mendung tak mendung , Panas tak panas

Hari yang agak suram mahupun dirumah or ofis chu & tyco9 ...hihi..Hari yang mendung tak mendung , panas tak panas... ayatt.. pergh ! hahha .."Lihatlah lihatlah di langit biru ..burung berterbangan di atas awan ..." hehehe ....Okey berjalan-jalan di ofis sambil lepakking with our MIss chu.. bak kata org sarawak "ngerayo-ngerayo dlm opis sambil poretting" ... hahah .
busy busy busy .... tapi nampak hensem ber baj mer hahaha...

here we goo ..Miss Chu Majorflava kita..very the busy yer !! kmk suka nangga bunga -bunga cinta ktk atas cpu tok.. hahah ...

The new version of Ipad and yeay a ladybug keychain .. Thank you so much Karyn and Chin <3 we both love it .. susah-susah jer beli tau ..hehe .i was surprised when u gave that to me yesterday .thank u so much you too .. Wah i got my birthday present already yippie love u both so muchie muchie .. Thank u my friend..

The clock is ticking "tick" tock "tick" tock"....
"Love is just like a time machine.. time passed by so fast do our relationship, our love ticking every second minute and hour"



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Salam and Goodmrning All "..Ok today is tuesday .. -.-"

06/04 - 16/04 : Well the clock ticking to fast and yeahh my mid semester break just ended yesterday. -.-"

Well today, hopefully its goin to be a good day for all of us.. i started with a good breakfast this morning.. I ate some cuppies Bello cupcakes .. yum yumm! thank you to my dear zulfa , nang nyaman cupcake ktk ! topping yes the best so far :) we love it ..we means my family .. Then, at 6.30am I drove to my fiance's crib fetch him and  we went to Unimas together..Every tuesday till thursday morning yeahh .. " Isn't that adorable :D hahah .. and yeah here i am sitting on a couch at the Lobby.. which lobby? at the faculty of course.. Thank you so much syg for the magic biscuit. Kelak beli agik :) hahah .. 

4pcs = RM 10 (worth to buy and affordable too! )

P/s: "syg I want Sambal Nasik Lemak too yeah" tell mummy about it ... hahah 

Monday, April 16, 2012

A new Book has arrived Hello All ..

Yes yes yes... A new look  hahah <3 well im not goin to write too many stuff in my blog let the pictures tell everything  .. Yikes !!... This what happened these last few weeks and days <3

It shows some love..

And come with this

equal to this with love

Thank u nadhira <3 She saw the video that i uploaded in Youtube

Okay You all should try this cupcakes !

Never ending story ...  attending abg Ashraf's wedd :)

their graduation dinner at bcck .. make up by me !

Magic mug design for fiancee <3

Wnent to miri alone .. came to visit my sisters  friends and family there .. Im having so much fun :) Thank you sis

New born baby Congrats to Elfynna and Syafiq .. she'so cute and adorable .. Baby April <3
Mok baby juak la  : P

heading to my cuzz wedd at Dewan Baitulmal ( 14/04/12) congratulations madey and shima :) )
This is my new Cotton Jubah :) Design by Me weewit.. its should be longer at least ;)

Our new Family Member <3

Our New Sister in Le Shashta Femelle Family ..Oh I love It credits to our Miss Chu Majorflava and to the other sisters as well ..

Dont Forget to add Me in Facebook  :)

Well recently , credit to my fiancee has done a great job on this wedding montage :
People Love it!

ohh ya last but not least ... not to forget about this ..

Happy anniversary to my Fiancee our 5 months engage and 2yrs 7mnths together <3
Big lovely thanks to our Chu Majorflava for the pic <3

09/09/09 - 09/04/11
11/11/11- 11/04/11
Love you syg so muchie muchie <3

Monday, March 19, 2012

Marchilicious :)

My BLOG is UNDER RENOVATION so .. a lot more coming soon .. !!!! MUAHX !! hope to see u soon..
Thank You :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Will be at Unimas The whole day ..till 5pm

Unimas :) i captured this pic on sept 2008

Good morning my dear Love, I know you gonna read this. No one else goin to read this. hahahha .

Today 16/2 : 9:58 am ,
Im busy with my course registration with farhan later. Thank you syg fr the Cereal hope, my stomach feel much better and warm now. and  yes im In his office ,typing here and there. But unfortunately something really uncomfortable happening to me now i dun know why .. for sure soon it will be okay . 

Okay. . ive been memorizing this song all night long..because i like the lyric...Hope you like it too .. "When we in Love, We Share what we like or love"....

Here You go .. Enjoy singing Guys :) 

Christina Perri -A Thousand Years

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave
How can I love when I'm afraid to fall
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What's standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

One step closer
One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

P/s: If you think my blog is a trash .dun read it .leave.and go find other peoples blog .Thank You have a Nice day

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Ordinary Day ..


Another Day in Paradise-Brandy & Ray J

It took me an hour , minute and seconds to think ..I'm just an ordinary woman from mIRC, friendster, facebook and in real life too who spend her entire life in front of the desktop and notebook and truly found someone that sudden in love with me. A person who's a geek, comp gadgets, who loves or live in the world of IT become his trend of life in his love too. Trying really hard to make his reality woman as in the world of chat room. I guess this person whom I mention earlier are not ready to take this woman become his wife.He still in his IT world. What more can I say, until he himself change that quotes in his Life."Never take things For Granted, Once You Lose It, It's Hard to Find it Back in the Original Shape"...So appreciate it as much as you still have now...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mother and Daughter got sick! Happy birthday MUMMY 56th

ive been playing this song over and over again....

This was my first valentine's flowers that he gave me 14/2/2010 and the first and the last :)

Its Valentines day.. well im nt goin to celebrate it..but u know i know,fr those who really dont know why just forget about it hehhe. . Here am i just woke up after taking 4 pills thanx doc feeling much better now :) .. i gueess ??? hahah..Well i dun know why i gt sick so do my mum,we both celebrating our day in the house on the bed. Although is her Birthday today <3. (Coughing,flu, dizzy,all in one i tell you ) ..its gettin dizzy and dizzier..And there goes a drama between me n him..Well although it broke my heart into pieces i really have to face it. It hurts ..its really hurts. Im sorry for not answer ur called, its just i dun know what to say im so mad, im so pissed off, its hurt me badly. Im sure u understand why im doin that. I know ive should be more understanding, trust, have faith in myself, i know.. ever since we've gone thru a lot of difficulties,sadness, pain and everything..I have open my eyes..I know..this whole thing is a learning process. i need u Badly. I know i din give u much space fr urself, bcos im worried this pain will hit me again twice. Im sorry..okay let me tell u this .. I love u enev more everyday eversince i met u .. im not goin to lie to u . but thats the truth .that is the key how much i love u now and forever.

*p/s : Happy birthday mummy we love you.