Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Ordinary Day ..


Another Day in Paradise-Brandy & Ray J

It took me an hour , minute and seconds to think ..I'm just an ordinary woman from mIRC, friendster, facebook and in real life too who spend her entire life in front of the desktop and notebook and truly found someone that sudden in love with me. A person who's a geek, comp gadgets, who loves or live in the world of IT become his trend of life in his love too. Trying really hard to make his reality woman as in the world of chat room. I guess this person whom I mention earlier are not ready to take this woman become his wife.He still in his IT world. What more can I say, until he himself change that quotes in his Life."Never take things For Granted, Once You Lose It, It's Hard to Find it Back in the Original Shape"...So appreciate it as much as you still have now...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mother and Daughter got sick! Happy birthday MUMMY 56th

ive been playing this song over and over again....

This was my first valentine's flowers that he gave me 14/2/2010 and the first and the last :)

Its Valentines day.. well im nt goin to celebrate it..but u know i know,fr those who really dont know why just forget about it hehhe. . Here am i just woke up after taking 4 pills thanx doc feeling much better now :) .. i gueess ??? hahah..Well i dun know why i gt sick so do my mum,we both celebrating our day in the house on the bed. Although is her Birthday today <3. (Coughing,flu, dizzy,all in one i tell you ) ..its gettin dizzy and dizzier..And there goes a drama between me n him..Well although it broke my heart into pieces i really have to face it. It hurts ..its really hurts. Im sorry for not answer ur called, its just i dun know what to say im so mad, im so pissed off, its hurt me badly. Im sure u understand why im doin that. I know ive should be more understanding, trust, have faith in myself, i know.. ever since we've gone thru a lot of difficulties,sadness, pain and everything..I have open my eyes..I know..this whole thing is a learning process. i need u Badly. I know i din give u much space fr urself, bcos im worried this pain will hit me again twice. Im sorry..okay let me tell u this .. I love u enev more everyday eversince i met u .. im not goin to lie to u . but thats the truth .that is the key how much i love u now and forever.

*p/s : Happy birthday mummy we love you.