Monday, April 23, 2012

Thank You All 4da birthday wishes..Happy birthday to my Dear Sister & Me ..

My dear sister 21st April  & Me 23rd April ...

Age? Me?  25 this year ..Im still young yeayy ..!! forever young of course hahha .. First of all  I would like to Wish HAppy birthday to my dear beloved sister ..May Allah Bless you always .. Amin. And we Love you always ..including hermes handbags.. hahaha ..I did gve you a birthday present last few weeks.. Remember the Lamb parteyyy haha ..Haha Its for you .. Its ur birthday gift from me to you :) ... 

Thank you all for the birthday wishes...xoxo  *huggs*

Happy birthday song to me & my sister .. not to forget my cousin Mahadzir as well..

Happy Birthday Miza  ur 31 yrs old this year:) Love Coeq

My Birthday Celebration  & Gift 2010 with my dear fiancee at Damai Beach Resort

My Birthday Gift for 2011 awww .. so sweet !
Title: Nur Iqma Birthday 2011 my sayang 

This year 2012: My first Surprise birthday celebration with friends and family at home ..

Mummy Busy with my befday celebration !! Thank you Mummy .. 

Mummy, Min, Sayang & Friends busy with birthday celebration .. 

Autograph from my beloved friends and family :) 

P/S :  to all my friends who involved in this plan , with all the hardwork, timing, planning, preparing and everything .. thank you so so so much .. I love you all so so so much .. this is my first suprise birthday celebration after 25 years .. im so happy .. thank you sayang who's planned all this just for me.. thank you to my mum who was very sporting just now !! hahah .. and .. to sayang azlandy ,..thank u for everything..not to forget min, shie, meera, anne, farhan & izri ... love u all always ..  Thank u Tyco Stylo .. 


  1. Waaaa...happy bday lil sista...sentiasa doa yang terbaik untuk kitak...weewiit!!

    1. thank u sis chu .. weewitt .. haha .. amin amin .. :)

  2. ktk nang kck!! happy birthday!!! ;)

    1. nang ngegeh hahha . nang ada.. eva koo .. makseh va :) .. sama kita bulan aprill bepday :)