Thursday, May 10, 2012


Wow its been 2 weeks i din post anything .. sorry guys/girls heheh ive been busy with my assignment, my project and etc .. Yes, have no time at all.. although im in front of my lappy at all the time but i dun have time on this.. so here i wana to share with u'all that ive been doing my final year project which my topic relate with this place.  BAKO NATIONAL PARK, SARAWAK , MALAYSIA ...have you heard it before.. ?? no yess noo?? hehhe .. this is my very first time visited this place.. I was so excited.  I went there with my fiancee and my friends. the place was awsome!! if u plan to spend a night or 2  just for jungle trekking, wildlife watching or swimming??.. yes the place you should go for.. I force one of my friend to go , at first she admit that she doesnt want to go ..and so,we had to come with the idea lied to her. heheh by saying " its only a day trip" !! haha but once we got there.. we said that we goin to stay here.. hahah .so at last that she had to! because the only transportation to go there is by boat!. so.. yeahh , .SO she finally made her decision .. "Erghhhh , okay we goin to stay here... because when i look at the beach , OMG it is so beautiful ! that is the only reason why she wanna to stay there.. So guys.. please try this at your friend who doesnt one to stay there ..!! ahahah .. so the important thing to bring is .
. * Money of course at least RM 150 * 
*Canned food*
*Sun - block 130 ++ SPF *
* Sun glasses*
*swim wear*
* other important stuff*

so will share some pictures with you all .. enjoy !!

*other pictures i will upload it later <3 * muahxs...