Tuesday, August 7, 2012


1. If u wan to be happy, stop ruin other people' happiness. 

ex: he / she is still with the person that he/she love but you choose to interfere their relation bcos of ur selfishness for sure that things will come back to u.. more worse than you thought.

If u choose to be honest in ur relationship, try to be more patient, trustworthy, more responsible & understanding.

ex: If he / she is trying to tell u sumthing.keep on listening and try to understand or read the message properly. don just jump to conclusion without investigate for what had happened. (with a soft voice) thats more proper i guess..

3. If u choose to be love more & more everyday, try to communicate well with ur partner. That will solve ur problem .InsyaAllah.

4. If the person that you love is still in love with sumone else & still in a relationship, It is much easier if u just let go & respect their relationship if u want to be respect by other people. 

.The more people see us live happily ever after, the more they keep on bothering us and envy as well.

 If we're in a relationship, engage & married, there are some people out there choose to ruin other people's happiness.

.2nd chance is a learning process how we going to improve our self now and in the future.

Salam & morning from Coeqdebuglady :)

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